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The Excluded: Logic of Social Stigmatization in Popular Cinema

Author: Chubarov Igor

About author:
Doctor of Philosophy, Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Science. Address: Bldg 5, 14/1 Volkhonka str., Moscow 119019. E-mail:

This article presents a comparative analysis of two phenomena: the most popular contemporary pop culture image of the zombie, and the political and legal status of those excluded from society, namely of migrants and guest workers., broadly interpreted as an ontological, social, and anthropological entity. The closest to this is the status of the homo sacer, as analyzed by Giorgio Agamben—a being, which is not worth sacrifying, but may be killed by everybody without any consequences. The life of the living dead (as a life of every contemporary excluded being) is also realized in the conditions of the state of exclusion, which has become a norm and which is understood as an initial relation of exclusion.

Keywords: exception, victim signs, fear, guilt, zombies, popular culture, homo sacer

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