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Author: Simoyanov Alexey

Simoyanov Alexey

MA in Political Science, Expert of the Institute for Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO). Address: Bldg 19, 2/1 Tulskaya Str., 115191 Moscow, Russia. E-mail:


The Social State. Its Essence, Criteria, Indicators / Logos. 2014. № 2 (98). P. 215-234
annotation:  This article is dedicated to the problem of scientific identification of the social state. The author defines the social state as a social-institutional system based on redistribution of material benefits which aims to achieve a decent life for each citizen, evening out social inequality and supporting underprivileged parts of the population. The social state represents simultaneously a historical period of social development (the beginning of the European industrial epoch), and a compromise settlement of class conflict. The study offers a set of scientific indicators and criteria which allow to assess national policy from the point of view of its accordance with the definition of the social state.
Keywords:  social policy, welfare state, active and warning effect, indicators of social wellbeing of society, criteria of the social state
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